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Sandy Hokanson

Look up... the sky is full of wonders! Sandy Hokanson likes birds. She finds inspiration, order and also mystery in the infinite combinations of energy and color our natural world creates. For many years Sandy painted in a very realistic style using acrylics. In 2010 she was bored painting every feather. She started experimenting with a new style that focused less on every feather and more on the “design” of each subject. Some works are created by making detailed drawings using permanent inks, which are then scanned into her computer. Others are hand drawn directly into a computer using either a mouse or special pen and pad. Next she creates a unique palette of colors to layer over the drawings. Her tools have changed, but the mental processes used to create the art have not. Seeing things in a new way—experimenting with new ideas—that’s what artists do, and this new style has been well-received by her followers.
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