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Our new e-catalog is an electronic version of our paper catalog with many added features making online shopping convenient for you! Click on the page corners to turn pages like a paper catalog. Digital features include: zoom in for a closer view, click on a product to order, add sticky notes, print a page, search or even email the catalog to a friend. Best of all, e-catalogs are eco-friendly! It’s another great way to live green!

To get started, simply click on the images below. (A high-speed internet connection is recommended for viewing.)
NOTE: To request a new Original Art Catalog by mail (includes a selection of original oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings and sculpture) please send e-mail to Kerrie Wells at

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Wild Wings American Heritage Catalog 2017
Wild Wings American Heritage
2017 Catalog

Wild Wings Summer Songs Catalog 2017
Wild Wings Summer Songs
2017 Catalog

Wild Wings Summertime Solace Catalog 2017
Wild Wings Summertime Solace
2017 Catalog

Wild Wings Celebrate America Catalog 2017
Wild Wings Celebrate America
2017 Catalog

Wild Wings Hoilday Traditions Catalog 2016
Wild Wings Holiday Traditions
2016 Catalog

Wild Wings Celebrating the Seasons Catalog 2016
Wild Wings Celebrating the Seasons
2016 Catalog
Wild Wings Western Heritage Catalog 2016
Wild Wings Western Heritage
2016 Catalog
Wild Wings Original Wildlife Art Catalog 2017-2018
Wild Wings Original Wildlife Art
2017-2018 Catalog
Wild Wings Original Wildlife Art Catalog 2016-2017
Wild Wings Original Wildlife Art
2016-2017 Catalog

Wild Wings 2014 Art Collection Catalog
Wild Wings Art Collection